The Best Cheesy Italian Recipes — Veganized!

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Italian food is everywhere these days. From the local neighborhood pizzeria to the five star restaurant sporting fancy decor, Italian food has become a favorite among many. And it seems like CNN thinks Italy's got the best food too!

Italian food is comfort food. There's something awfully soothing about digging into a big plate of spaghetti or taking a bite out of a thin-crust (or if you prefer, deep dish) pizza with ooey-gooey, "cheese." It's definitely familiar and many people have grown up eating these classic Italian foods.

It's also a cinch to put together. If you got a few basics at home - such as pasta, tomato sauce, and olive oil - you can make a basic recipe in minutes. Perhaps this is why many beginning cooks seek to the simple foods of Italy for inspiration. The few ingredients needed create beautiful, yet simple dishes that are surprisingly delicious. So, grab your ingredients and make simple, but elegant Italian fare today. Here are 10 "cheesy," vegan Italian recipes to get you started: 1. Crostini Topped with Creamy Macadamia "Cheese" Spread

Lead image source: Focaccia with Roma Tomatoes and Onions

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