MKR's Greek girls up for elimination after Italian food fail

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On the chopping block: Helena and Vikki. LeoPhotography

THEIR rivals looked set for implosion, but it was twins Helena and Vikki who put up the worst dish on My Kitchen Rules tonight.

The Greek sisters created mushroom and prawn Arancini balls for a discerning Sydney crowd, but their crispy round morsels were deemed bland.

Chloe and Kelly talk with judge Pete Evans.

Their rivals Chloe and Kelly looked like they might not serve any food to the market crowd, but managed to get their pizzas out just in the nick of time.

While mums Bree and Jessica should have had the advantage with their Italian background, mother-and-daughter duo Cathy and Anna were the crowd pleasers of the day, voted the public's favourite thanks to their tasty seafood dish.

People's choice winners Anna and Cathy.

Helena and Vikki will have to sit out Sunday's food truck challenge, after which the losing team will have to cook off at Kitchen HQ to determine who will face the sisters in sudden death on Tuesday.

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