Eataly Builds Its Own Theme Park in Italy

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Picturesque Bologna, in the mountains of northern Italy, is best known for its rambling streets and terracotta rooftops - but soon it'll also be known as the 'Disneyland of food'. The Italian food-emporium chain has combined forces with the municipality of Bologna to develop a food-centric theme park called Fico Eataly World.

The venture aims to boost the Eataly market-wonderland experience by giving tourists a way to sample the famed food and drink of the Italian region in one accessible location. And it won't be small either - though still in the planning stages, the park will likely take up more than 20-acres of prime Tuscan real-estate and will cost in the region of €40 million.

Aside from the indoor market feature, which is the staple of all Eataly's 26 locations around the world, Fico Eataly World will also have dozens of world-class restaurants, food labs, grocery stores, and even a giant aquarium.

Italy is hoping the park, which is set for a November 2015 opening, will boost the region's ailing economy and bring a lot more tourists to northern Italy. Serusha Govender is The Daily Meal's travel editor. Follow her on Twitter @SerushaGovender

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