The 5 Best Italian Restaurants (Cheap) in St. Louis

Italian restaurants can be super-fancy dining. The tablecloths, the expensive wine, the veal. But you can get great Italian food in St. Louis without having to gouge out your paycheck. Go to a traditional (but affordable) place on the Hill or try a new joint from the guys behind the Tavern. Check out our current favorite cheap Italian restaurants to see where you can get some housemade meatballs, Italian wine and good conversation tonight. See also: The 5 Best Italian Restaurants (Not Cheap) in St. Louis

Michael del Pietro has a veritable stable of Italian restaurants, including Sugo's Spaghetteria, Babbo's Spaghetteria and Via Vino, among others, but we're loving Tavolo V in the Loop. You'll have to keep a copy of the menu to remind yourself that you aren't spending a fortune for quality Italian. Neapolitan pizzas are only $12, and most of the pastas are too. Plus, the portions are big enough to take leftovers home for yet another delicious meal. Location Info

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