Beijing man hospitalized after Italian restaurant mistook cleaning fluid for ...

A man surnamed Shen has been hospitalized after a waitress mistakenly filled his water glass with cleaning fluid in a Beijing Italian restaurant on December 30th.

Shen's wife recalls what happened that night: the couple went to the restaurant for dinner and, after the food, Shen asked for two cups of warm water. The waiter accidentally gave him two cups of cold lemonade, so Shen then asked to change them into warm water as he initially wanted. The waiter then poured a full glass of 'water' to him. Shen took a deep swag of the bottle.

"My whole mouth went numb, and my throat was burning badly as well", a rejuvenated Shen said yesterday. "He was shaking all over" his wife recalls.

According to the hospital, Shen's symptoms gradually improved, but the degree of damage to Shen's gut still needs further analysis. With the help of the police, Shen's wife was able to ascertain that the 'water' Shen drank was actually cleaner and detergent.

A legal representative for the restaurant, surnamed Zhang, admitted that the accident was the restaurant's responsibility. According to her statement, around 3pm on the day of the incident, the janitorial staff thought it was closing hours and poured their cleaning fluid into some hot water. When the next shift arrived at the restaurant, they figured that the hot water was good to go, and poured it for the guests as usual.

Zhang claims that the restaurant has punished the related personnel for the accident (i.e. for gross negligence that nearly killed one customer and could have seriously injured many more). The restaurant has also promised to cover all of Shen's medical costs.

As of yesterday, according to Shen's wife, they have not yet reached a compensation agreement with the restaurant manager. Shen and his wife have decided to file a civil lawsuit against the restaurant.

By Isabel Quan

[Via Beijing News, Image via Flickr]

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