Real Italian Food

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If traffic congestion on North Platte streets is any indication; the city has a new popular restaurant.

Italian restaurant, Luigis has been open for about two months now and has been the place to be.

It's real, authentic, Italian food, and people are going pazzo for it!

"It has been really busy, it's really nice, and people really seem to like it too," says Sheldon Elliott, Floor Manager, Luigis.

So what makes this place so special?

"It is real Italian food. We hand make everything, and everything is individually handmade; all from scratch. The owner is from Italy as well," says Elliott.

And no, his name is not Luigi.

"The owners name is Tony," says Elliott.

The restaurant is open seven days a week, and is located on the corner of E and Jeffers.

"It's the only Italian restaurant in town. There's really no other place like it here, and people really like the food and keep coming back. There's one guy who came in last time and said this is my 19th time here," says Elliott.

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