Madoka Magica Stockings Put Dessert Witch on Your Legs

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2PMWorks, a retail site for game and anime goods, announced on Thursday that it received shipments of its exclusive Puella Magi Madoka Magica printed stockings from tattoo stocking brand Acid & Mofcana:

Each pair of stockings costs 3,780 yen (about US$38) except for the Rose Garden Witch Tattoo Stockings and Scribbling Witch's Minions Tattoo Stockings, which cost 2,625 yen (US$26) a pair.

2PMWORKS notes that the stockings complement its Madoka Magica high heels:

The Madoka Kaname high-heels are designed after Madoka's clothes as a magical girl, including the ribbon at the back. Designed to have cute and feminine image, the the pink shoes have a heel that is supposed to replicate Madoka's Soul Gem.

The Mami Tomoe high-heels are designed after Mami's magical girl clothes when she is fighting with witches. The yellow shoes were designed to have an elegant image like the character herself, and has a flower attached to mimic the one Mami wears in her hair. The shoes also have a Soul Gem-like heel.

The Homura Akemi high-heels are designed with a strap to look like the character's headband. A replica of Homura's Soul Gem is used as the heel of the shoe.

All of the shoes are made with a polyurethane exterior, and come in 7 different sizes, from 22 cm (US women's 6) to 25 cm (US women's 9). The shoes were available for pre-order until June 30, and are scheduled to ship in mid-August. However, the company intends to end pre-orders early if stock runs out.

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