Euclid Hall's dessert menu includes Elvis

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Kate Gibbons

Euclid Hall is known for its $3 happy-hour brews, pickle sampler and hand-cranked sausages -- but after you've washed down you kielbasa with an IPA, you may want to sweeten your experience...and loosen your belt. Because the offerings on the revamped dessert menu range from childhood-inspired s'mores to a lip-curling Elvis candy bar. See also:- Euclid Hall: The bull's balls in their court - Root Down dishes up new desserts for summer -- and a cake recipe, too! - Jorel Pierce is a semi-finalist for the James Beard Rising Star

It could be called a 'hunka, hunka burning love,' but executive pastry chef Eric Dale named the candy bar the Elvis 'Payday' instead. Taking inspiration from an Elvis-themed sandwich, he challenged himself to take some of the King's favorite foods and make a candy bar-like dessert.

The first step was making a 'perfectly chewy nougat,' he says, and it was more difficult than he'd anticipated. Dale estimates it took around fifteen attempts before he created a nougat that was thicker than a Three Musketeer but less dense than an actual PayDay nougat. Combining the chocolate nougat with a flourless peanut butter cookie, the gluten-free bar is topped with banana caramel, peanuts, smokey bacon (yes, bacon!) and served with three scoops of housemade vanilla bean ice cream.

The Payday has only been on the menu a few weeks, but 'everyone who has had it, loved it,' Dale says.

Another loved item is the best-selling S'more Pot de Crème, which were originally on Rioja's menu but moved to Euclid Hall when that sibling opened. In an homage to his favorite childhood dessert, Dale makes graham crackers and chocolate custard, then brulees marshmallows with a blowtorch for a fluffy, gooey, sweet dessert fit for a luxury campout. (Dale's been kind enough to share the recipe below.)

For non-chocolate lovers, Dale whips up his late grandmother's red velvet cupcakes, which she made for family events. Her secret ingredient: lard, which keeps the cake moist. The recipe also calls for seven-minute icing instead of cream cheese frosting.

Rounding out the dessert lineup is is the sourdough waffle ice cream sandwich. Using a classic San Francisco sourdough batter, Dale whips up three-quarter-inch waffles, then sandwiches butterscotch ice cream between them and adds pralines for a bit of crunch.

Dale has a few more dessert ideas that may make it onto the menu this fall.

Continue reading for the S'mores Pot de Crème recipe.

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