Solaire's Finestra: A window to Italy

Posted at 08/13/2013 11:55 AM | Updated as of 08/13/2013 11:55 AM

Solaire Resort & Casino by the bay now has its doors wide open after teasing Manila for months before the grand unveiling.

While the casino hotel is far from completed, its four signature restaurants have had the time to create a buzz among the dining crowd.

One of the most talked about is Finestra which, roughly translated, means "window." It has the best spot among the four, occupying a corner that has a panoramic view of Manila Bay and the resort's swimming pool.

Think sunset, cocktails, amazing food and great company-this is exactly the place for them.

The food is excellent. Italian executive chef Salvatore de Vincentis created a menu inspired by centuries-old recipes.

He envisioned serving only the best authentic Italian food. And while calling it "authentic" may seem trite, Italian cuisine has gone global, occupying a place once reserved only for Chinese food. Given the many influences on modern Italian cooking, rediscovering what is truly Italian was a challenge he embraced.

Extensive research led him to traditional Italian recipes that were used in the 1800s - priceless finds that he knew would allow him to create food beyond what Manila has ever experienced.

There is a wide selection of à la carte dishes cooked à la minute in Finestra's open kitchen. The portions are large, and if you do decide to share, no one will turn his nose up at you, even if it is fine dining. The essence of Italian dining after all, much like Filipino, is sharing a meal with family. A private room is available for small events.

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